1902 Fox's Bartender's Guide

Black Stripe. Use small barglass.

One wine-glass St. Croix rum or Jamaica. One tablespoonful New Orleans molasses. If called for in summer, stir in about a tablespoon– ful of water and cool with fine ice. If in the winter, fill the glass with boiling water, grating a little nutmeg on top, and serve. Brandy Champerelle. Use sllcrry wine glass. One-quarter wine-glass red Curacoa. One-quarter wine-glass yellow Chartreuse. One-quarter wine-glass Anisette. One-quarter wine-glass Kirschwasser or Brandy as desired . Use a sherry glass instead of spoon for pouring cordials, and keep liquors from mingling.

Brandy and Soda, Split Soda and Brandy. Use large bar glass.

Three or four lumps ice. One wine-glass brandy. Fill up with plain soda. Mix well with spoon.

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The above is a pleasing drink for summer, and is called by the English, Brandy Split.

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