1902 Fox's Bartender's Guide

Silver Fizz. Use large barglass.

One-half tablespoonful of sugar. Two or three dashes lemon juice. One wine-glass Old Tom gin, dissolved well, with squirt of whiskey. One egg (white only). Glass three quarters full shaved ice. Shake with shaker; strain in fizz glass; fill from syphon, mix with spoon, and serve quickly to be drank at once. Brandy Flip. Use large barglass. Half fill glass with fine ice. One egg beaten thoroughly. One-half tablespoonful sugar. One wine-glass brandy. Use the shaker in mixing; strain into a fancy bar glass ; grate a little nutmeg on top, and serve. Gin Flip. Use la1-g-e·barglass. One teaspoonful sugar dissolved in·a little seltzer water. One wine-glass Holland gin. One fresh egg. '.J.'wo.~three.lum~· Of ice. Sliakei-well, and' strain-into a fancy ·glass; gr:i.~~ a_ little mttmeg on top, and serve.


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