1902 Fox's Bartender's Guide

Port Wine Flip. Use large bar ![lass.

One fresh egg. One-half tablespoonful of sugar. Three-quarters glass shaved ice. One wine-glass port wine. Shake in shaker ; strain in wine-glass ; grate nut– meg on top, and serve. Rum Flip. Same as Gin Flip, but use Jamaica rum instead of gin. Sherry Wine Flip. Same as Port Flip, but use sherry instead of port. Whiskey Flip. Sa>ne as Gin Flip, but use whiskey instead of gin. Gin Julep. Use large barglass. Three-quarter tablespoonful of powdered sugar. Three or four sprigs of mint. . One-half wine-glass water ; lJti,x well until the es– sence o·f mint is extraCted, then. remo've the mint. - · ,_" . ·/ :Fill with fine ice . · . One and a quarter '\'iiue-gla.ss _Hqlland·gin. . Stir with spoon; ornament with orange, berries, etc., and serve with straws.


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