1902 Fox's Bartender's Guide

Pousse Cafe, Use a sherry wine-glass. One-sixth glass raspberry syrup. One-sixth glass Maraschino. One-sixth glass green vanilla. One-sixth glass red Curacoa. One-sixth glass yellow Chartreuse One-sh.1:h glass brandy.

In compounding the above use a small wine-glass for pouring in each article separately; be very careful in doing so that each portion may be separate. Serve without mixing.

Faivre's Pousse Cafe. Use a slurry wine-glass.

One-third glass Benedictine. One-third glass red Curacoa. One-third glass Kirsch wasser or brandy. Two or three drops bitters.

Ale Sangaree. Use Za.-ge bar g /a.cs. One tablespoonful sugar, dissolved in one-half wine-glass of water. Fill with ale-old, new or mixed, as requested– grate nutmeg on top and serve.


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