1902 Fox's Bartender's Guide

Brandy Smash. Use large bar glass. One-quarter tablespoonful sugar. One squirt seltzer. Two or three sprigs mint, pressed as in mint julep. One wine-glass brandy. Fill glass half full fine ice. Stir well ; strain into a fancy bar glass, and serve with fruit on top. Gin Smash. Use large bar glass. ' One-half tablespoonful sugar. Two or three sprigs mint; extract essence with a spoon and little water. One-half glass shaved ice. - One wine-glass Holland gin. Stir well, strain in sour glass, decorate with fruit and serve. Brandy Sour. Use large bar glass. One large teaspoonful sugar, dissolved in a little Apollinaris or seltzer water Juice of half a lemon. One dash Curacoa . One wine-glass brandy . Fill the glass with shaved ice, shake, and strain into a claret glass. Ornament with orange and berries.


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