1902 Fox's Bartender's Guide

Whiskey Toddy. Use small bar glass. One teaspoonful suga r. One wi ne-g lass rye whisk ey. One lump ice. Dissolve sugar in a little water, add whiskey and ice and stir with spoon . Hor VvHISKEY TODDY is made by dissolving sugar in boiling water, omitting ice, and filling a glass two– thirds full of boiling water.

Gin and Tansy. Use whiskey g lass

This is an old-fashfoned but excelle nt tonic, and is prepared by steeping a bunch of tansy in a bottle of Holland gin, which extracts the essence. In serving, you simply set the glass, with a lump of ice dropped into it, before the customer, allowing him to help himself from the bottle containing the preparation.

Hot Spiced Rum. Use hot-water gl11ss.

Two lumps loaf sugar. One-half teaspoonful mixed allspice. One wine-g lass Jamaica rum. Fill glass with h ot water, mix well; grate nutmeg on top and serve. Butter may be added.


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