1902 Fox's Bartender's Guide

Soda Negus. Abot!t one quar t.

One pint of Port wine. Twelve lumps of white loaf sugar. Eight cloves.

Grated nutmeg sufficient to fill a small teaspoon. Put the above ingredients into a thoroug hly clean sauce pan, warm and stir them well, but do n ot suffer the mixture to boil. Pour it into a pitcher or bowl, and upon the warm wine decant a bottle of soda water. This makes a delicious efforvescing drink.

Pousse I' Amour. Use sherry wine-glass. This is similar to the more familiar pousse cafe, and has to be as carefully made. One-quarter sherry-glass of sherry Yolk of fresh egg (urop in). One-quarter glass green vanill a. One-quarter glass Cognac. The yolk of the egg must be cold.

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