1903 The Complete Buffet Guide or How to Mix All Kinds of Drinks by V.B. Lewis

The Complete Buffet Guide, or



1 gallon white syrup. 12 ounces tincture of ginger. Strain, if cloudy.

GINGER SYRUP NO. 2. Put 2 ounces Jamaica ginger into a quart of boil– ing water, let it remain 24 hours, closely covered, strain, and add 3 pounds crushed sugar; boil to a syrup. LEMON SYRUP., 5 gallons gum syrup. 8 ounces tartaric acid (tincture). 1 ounce oil of lemon, cut in r pint of alcohol. ORGEAT SYRUP. Pound altogether, adding a little water, until it measures 1 quart. Strain, and add 2 gallons syrup. RASPBERRY. 8 oz. essence of raspberry. 2U pints spirit of wine (53 0. P.) 13 pints cordial syrup. 2 oz. tincture of cudbear, strong. Let all these be s.haken up well together in a jar, using no finings, for if the materials are genuine, the cordial will be bright and ready for use the day it is µiixed. 3 ounces powdered sugar. 3 ounces sweet almonds. U ounce bitter almonds. U pound powdered gum arabic.

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