1903 The Complete Buffet Guide or How to Mix All Kinds of Drinks by V.B. Lewis

How to 'fllf.ix A ll K inds of Drinks.


MAGNESIA WATER. Is useful in indigestion , etc., being an aerated solu– tion of carbonate of magnesia. It is an agreeable mode of t aking magnesia. POTASS WATER. Is a solution of bicarbonat e of potass in distilled water, and aerated with washed carbonic acid gas. SODA WATER. Is a solution of cryst allized carbonate of soda, in dis– tilled water, aerated with washed carbonic acid gas, upon the purity of which the excellence of this article mainly depends. When employed as an anti-acid, ·it is highly important to obtain this article pure. SELTZER WATER. Is carbonat e of soda , common salt, and carbonate of magnesia. · EFFERVESCENT DRAUGHT. Carbonate of potass, eighty grains, pulverized citric acid, seventeen grains. Keep separate. When re– quired for use, add one drop of essence of lemon. Dis– solYe in separat e tumblers , mix and drink wh~le effer– vescing. SODA-WATER POWDERS. Bicarbonat e of soda , t hirty grains, in a blue paper ; citric acid twenty-four gr ains , in a white paper. Mix each separately in nearly half a tumbler of water. Pour the acid solution on the soda . Drink immediately.

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