1903 The Complete Buffet Guide or How to Mix All Kinds of Drinks by V.B. Lewis

The Complete Buffet Guide, or


1-3 glass Kirschwasser. Be careful and not allow the different colors to mix with each other.

FRENCH POUSSE CAFE. (Use sherry wine-glass.)

U glass Maraschino. l-6 glass raspberry syrup.

1-6 glass vanilla. l-6 glass Curacoa. 1-6 glass Chartreuse. l-6 glass brandy.

In compounding the above, use a small wine-glass for pouring in each article separately, be very careful in doing so, that each portion may be separate. Serve without mixing. ·

"JERSEY LILY" POUSSE CAFE. (Use pony-glass.)

U glass of Chartreuse. U glass brandy. Pour brandy in carefully, so as not to disturb the Chartreuse, and serve.

POUSSE L'AMOUR. (Use sherry wine-glass.)

U glass Maraschino. The yolk of one egg carefully. ~ glass of old brandy. Serve without mixing. Be careful and see that the · colors do not run into each other.

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