1903 The Complete Buffet Guide or How to Mix All Kinds of Drinks by V.B. Lewis


How to Mix All Kinds of Drinks.

STONE FENCE. (Use whisky glass.) I wine-glass Bourbon whisky or apple jack. 2 or 3 lumps of ice. Fill up with cider. Stir well, and serve. SOUDAN. (Use small bar glass.) 1 dash orange bitters. 1 dash Angostura or Bokers ' bitters. Then hand the bottle of liquor out and let the customer help himself. This is an appetizer. GUM SYRUP. 15 lbs. loaf sugar. 1 gallon water. Boil together for 5 or 6 minutes, and add water to make up 2 gallons. PLYMOUTH PUNCH. ~ lemon peel; muddle in glass. U tablespoon sugar. 1-3 gigger of Sloe gin. 2-3 gigger of rye whisky. Stir well with spoon; strain_ in an old champagne glass. Add U peach fresh . 2 dashes of Medford rum on top.

HOT APPLE TODDY. (Use small bar glass .)

ยท 1 t easpoonful powdered sugar. U a baked apple.

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