1903 The Complete Buffet Guide or How to Mix All Kinds of Drinks by V.B. Lewis

How to Mix A ll -K inds of Drinks.


raspberry juice by this method, but the quantity of sugar must be reduced.

SODA NEGUS. (Use a small punch bowl; about l quart.) l pint of Port wine. 12 lumps of loaf sugar. 8 cloves . Grated nutmeg sufficient to fill a small teaspoon; put the above ingredients into a thoroughly clean saucepan, warm and stir them well, but do not suffe::: it to boil; upon the warm wine empty a bottle of plain soda. This makes a delicious and r efreshing drink. CLARET CUP A LA BRUNOW. (For a party of t en.) Take l ]If bottle of clareL 1-3 pint of Curacoa. ]If pint of sherry. }{ pint of brandy. l wine-glass of raspberry ratafia (see index). l]lf · oranges, in. slices. ]If lemon, in slices. Stir all these together with some sprigs of green balm and borag~, and a small piece of cucumber– rind; sweeten with capillaire or powdered sugar until it ferments; let it stand one hour, strain and ice it well. Serve in small glasses. This is a preparation highly esteemed in Russia. l bottle of Seltzer water. l ]If bottle of soda water.

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