1904 A book of beverages..

Some Early ^American 'Beverages

Lamb's Woole HEAT one pint of good Ale, add Sugar and Nutmeg to taste,Lemon Peel andapinch of Cloves and Ginger. Put in a bowl with three Apples roasted and sliced, and three pieces of Toast. Serve very hot as a "nightcap." SIX pounds of Cherry s. Three pounds of Sugar. Three quarts of Water. Your Cherrys being stalk'd, ston'd and well broke ; mix all together and put into your Cask. Let it be well shake'd together every day for a week or ten dayes, then stop it up very close and let it stand a quarter of a year, then you may bottle it. Weigh your Cherries before they are stalk'd. [Judge Sewall, 1712] To Make Cherry Wine

Switchels ONE teaspoonful of dry Ginger. One cup of Molasses. One half cup of Vinegar. Three or four quarts of cold Water.

Rub Ginger drop by drop into the Molasses. Add Vinegar and Water. Stir well, and ice. [Mrs. Andrew B. Barnard] [a]

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