1904 A book of beverages..

& Iced Drinks


Orange Egg Phosphate

JUICE of one Orange, sweetened. One Egg broken into glass. One half teaspoonful of Phosphate.

Fill glass nearly full with Soda. Shake all thor- oughly together, sprinkle on Nutmeg, and serve with straws. Walnut Chocolate THree table spoonfuls of Chocolate Ice Cream. Six English Walnuts. Grate in the Walnuts and fill the glass with Soda. Chocolate Syrup and Ice Cream may be used instead of Chocolate Ice Cream. Frosted Mint TWO teaspoonfuls of Mint Cordial or Creme de Menthe. Fill with shaved Ice and syphon or bottled Soda.

Mint Sangaree FOUR table spoonfuls of Grape Juice. A small bunch of fresh Mint.

Mash to a pulp two or three sprays of the Mint. Place in glass two thirds full of shaved Iceland fill with Vichy or Seltzer. Shake well, and serve with bouquet of Mint at the top of the glass.

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