1904 A book of beverages..

& Iced Drinks


Dog-Day Drink LEMON Ice or Lemon Sherbet. One bottle of Soda Water. Fill glass one third full of Sherbet, and add Soda Water. Knickerbocker HALF a Lemon or Lime-juice and rind. Two teaspoonfuls of Raspberry Syrup. One half teaspoonful of Cura$oa. Shake well with shaved Ice, and serve. A Simple Egg Nog TWO teaspoonfuls of Sugar. One Egg. One half wineglass of Sherry or Whiskey. Fill the glass with rich Milk, shake well, and serve with grated Nutmeg on top. Claret Cup TWO wineglasses of Claret. One half wineglass of Water. One teaspoonful of fine Sugar. One quarter teaspoonful of Cinnamon^ Cloves and Allspice.

One piece of Lemon Peel. Stir thoroughly, and ice.

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