1904 A book of beverages..

& Iced "Drinks


Cider Nog

FOUR Eggs.

Two table spoonfuls of pulverized Sugar. One quart of Cider. Beat Eggs and Sugar to a foam. Add Cider slowly, and a little Ginger or Nutmeg.


EIGHT Oranges.

Several lumps of Sugar.

One half pint of Water. One Lemon.

Extrad juice from Oranges and Lemon. Rub off rind of four Oranges and Lemon on the lumps of Sugar. Throw skins into Water. Let stand. Press out the skins and add this water to other juice. Stir in Sugar. THREE cups of Water. Two cups of Sugar. Grated Rind of one and Juice of two Lemons. Two Eggs. One saltspoonful of Bicarbonate of Soda. Make a thin syrup by boiling Sugar and Water. Add the Lemon. When it is cold whip in lightly the Eggs, beaten, separately, and Bi- carbonate of Soda. [Mrs. H. K. M err if eld] Egg Lemonade

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