1904 A book of beverages..


Wine Whey

ONE cup of fresh Milk. One wineglass of Sherry. Bring Milk to boil. Add Sherry and boil up once. Strain off the whey. Sweeten if desired.

Apple Water

ONE large sour Apple.

One half cup ofimiling Water.

Lemon Juice and Sugar to taste. Core and bake Apple with Sugar. Mash, add Water and let stand twenty minutes. Strain through cheesecloth, and add Lemon Juice and Sugar.

Barley Water ONE table spoonful of Pearl Barley. 'Two or three lumps of Sugar. Juice of one half of a Lemon. One pint of boiling Water.

Wash the Barley, add Sugar, Lemon and Water, and let it stand on the back of the stove three hours. Strain, and cool.

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