1904 A book of beverages..

Some Early ^American leverages

Syllabub PLACE in a large bowl a quart of strong Ale or Beer, grate in a little Nutmeg and sweeten with Sugar. Milk the cow rapidly into the bowl to raise a good froth. Let it stand an hour, and serve. Wine or Cyder may be used instead of Ale. Caudle Cup OFFERED to callers on the arrival of Baby. One pint of thin Oatmeal Gruel. To Ik of one Egg. One wineglass of Sherry. Four lumps of Sugar. Serve hot with grated Nutmeg on top. Bully Dawson's Punch "QUGAR, twelve tolerable lumps; hot O Water, one pint; Lemons, two, the Juice and Peel ; old Jamaica Rum, two gills ; Brandy, one gill; Porter or Stout, half a gill; Arrack, a slight dash. I allow myself five minutes to make a bowl in the foregoing proportions, carefully stirring the mixture as I furnish the ingredients, until it actually foams; and then Kangaroos! how beautiful it is!" [Alice Morse Earle. Stage-Coach and Tavern Days']

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