1904 A book of beverages..

STRUTS & Fruit yuices

General Rule for Syrups USE only fresh Fruit. Mash with a wooden instrument. Let stand four days in a tem- perature of about 68° Fahrenheit. Strain through a jelly-bag. Add two cups of pounded Loaf Sugar to one cup of Juice. Keep at just below boiling point in a double boiler until the Sugar is entirely dissolved. Skim, cool, and bottle. Blackberry ', Cherry , Currant, Grape, and Rasp- berry may be made in this way. Twenty drops of Oil of Sassafras. Six ounces of Brown Sugar. Stir in as much Sugar as will moisten the several oils, and add the whole to a simple syrup. Pineapple Syrup CUT up and pound the Pineapples in the chopping-tray. To one pound of Pulp add gradually one pint of Water. Strain and add one pound of Sugar to one pint of Juice. Boil twenty minutes, cool, and bottle. [8 ] Sarsaparilla Syrup TEN drops of Oil of Anise. Twenty drops of Oil of Wintergreen.

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