1904 Drinks as they are Mixed by Paul E Lowe



L emon, j uice of 1. Apollina ris, 1 split glass. Stir; strain into l emonade glass with fruit and ser ve. Lemona de Cordial. Prepar e t he same a s P lain L emonade, ornament with fruits a nd pour in slow– ly 1h pony of the cor dial p referred b y. the customer.


Lemonade, Egg.

Use mixing glass. Ice, cracked; fill glass 1-3 full. Sugar, t abl espoonful. L ime juice, of 2 limes. E gg, 1. Wat er, :fill the gl a ss full.

Shake ; stra in into lar ge cut goblet ; decorate wit h fr uit a nd ser ve witli stra,ws. Lemonade, Hot. Prepar e in the same ma nner a s f or cold, plain l emonade, using hot instead

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