1904 Drinks as they are Mixed by Paul E Lowe



Macerate 14 days and add: Sugar, l oaf, 1 lb. Wa t er, lh pint. Brandy, Orange. Use lai:ge jar. Oranges, 8. Brandy, enough to coYer oranges. Strain brandy off in 90 clays a n

Water, 18 gall ons. Syrup, 7 gallons. Tartaric acid, 1 oz.

Use caramel or burn ed suga r to color. COCKTAILS; HOW TO MAKE IN BULK FOR BOTTLING.

Cocktail, Brandy, to bottle. Strong brandy, 5 gallons. Water, 2 gallons. Stoughton 's bitters, 1 quart. Gum syrup, 1 quart. Curacoa, 1 bottle. Mix well and filter. Cocktail, Gin, to bottle. Gin. 5 gall ons. Water, 2 gall ons. Gµm syrup, 1 quart. Tincture of orange peel, 2 oz. Tincture of gentian, 7 oz.

Tin cture of cardamoms, 1h oz. Tind nre of lemon peel, lh oz. Mix an(l r.olor with equal parts of caramel and solferino.

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