1904 Drinks as they are Mixed by Paul E Lowe



Essence of saffr on, 1 oz. E ssen ce of cit r on, 1-6 teaspoonful. E ssence of bergarnot, 1-10 teaspoon- ful. P r oof spirit s, 1% gallons. Br own sngar, 10 l bs. Distilled water, 1% qnar ts. Bea t the solids a nd essences together to get a paste a nd p ut this i n a jar wit h a br oad ori fice; t hen mix t he water a nd spirits a nd pour on a qnar t at a t ime, stirring well between each quar t. E au De Cordiale. L emon peel, 11,4 lbs. Cinnamon bark, 4 oz., brnised. Aniseed, powd ered, 2 oz. Balm, t he fres h herb, 2 oz. Cor ia nder seed, powd ered, 2 oz. Mace, powdered, 1 oz. N nt meg, powdered, 1 oz. P ure spirits (60 0 . P .), 211:! gallons. Distilled water, 2 gallons. Capillaire, 1 gallon. Mix a ll together, stir well every 48 h ours for one month ; press and filte r. Note : The r ecipes gi ven in this ·book f or t he prepar ation of the various k inds of drinks in b ulk, or t o b e bottled, are int ended as a guide from which t he compounder can manufacture t he goods in such quant i ties as he may desire, it being only n ecessary t o obser ve t he pr opor tion s in mixing t h e ingredients and to follow the instructions for processing. M INERAL WATERS. Principal Ones, Manufactured and From Natural Springs. Th e manuf acture of miner al · waters r equires a very powerf ul aerating a nd bottling machine, anLl i n fact a plant

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