1905 The Hoffman House Bartender's Guide by Charles S. Mahoney

Hoffman Morning Bracer.

Usr iiii.viiis nhiss full of shaved ice. Aikl onc-thircl absiiulic, two-thirds Vermouth. Shake it well and serve in Delmonico glass, using siphon. Hoffman House Fizz. 'file juice of half a lemon, one-half teaspoonful powdered sugar, one jigger of Plymouth gin; add a teaspoonful of cream. Shake well. Pour into split glass and use syphon; dring while effervescent. Hoffman House Old Fashioned Whiskey- Cocktail. Use old-fashioned cocklail glass. One-fourth lump of sugar, two teaspoonfuls of water, crush sugar with muddler, add one dash Booker's hitters, one jigger Wilson whiskey, one slice of orange. Put small har spoon in glass and serve. Use ini.ving glass full of shaved ice. Add one-half jigger of Nicholson gin, one-half jigger French Vermouth and dash orange hitters, shake well. Pour into cocktail glass and squeeze orange peel on top. 137 Mahoney Cocktail.

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