1905 The Hoffman House Bartender's Guide by Charles S. Mahoney

Brandy and Gum.

Use whiskey glass. Ihrce or four dashes gum syrup. One or two lumps ice.

Place a spoon in the glass, and hand with a bottle of brandj' to the customer. When any other liquor is called for it is used in the same manner.

Pony Brandy.

Use small bar glass. Set before the customer a small bar glass, and another containing ice water. Fill a pony glass with best brandy, and pour it into the empty glass. 1 he fancy way to serve is to fill a pony glass to the brim with brand}', cover it with the inverted bar glass, press both glasses tightly together and turn them over quickly, so the pony glass will remain upside-down in the bar glass without the brandy escaping. Use large bar glass. One-half tablespoonful sugar. Two dashes lemon juice. Dissolve well with spoon in a squirt of seltzer. One-half glass yellow Chartreuse. Fill with shaved ice. Add one glass brandy. Stir with spoon, put fruit in bar glass, strain liquor into it, and serve. Brandy Daisy.


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