1906 Modern American Drinks by George J Kappeler



:;;tout and a cold pint of champagne; stir, and serve in champagne glasses.

Vermouth and Bitters. Serve in the same manner as Sherry and Bitters, substituting vermouth for sherry. Raspberry Vinegar. Put four quarts of red raspberries and five pints of white vinegar into a jar, let them stand for five days, then strain through a fine sieve, add one pound of cut-loaf sugar, boil for twenty minutes, stirring well; when cold, bottle, cork, and keep in a cool place. Wassail Bowl. Bake two choice apples, cut them into quarters, place them in the bottom of a punch-bowl, add two tablespoonfuls of fine sugar, one tablespoonful of allspice, the juice and peel of one lemon, one quart . of hot ale, and one pint of warm sherry; mix well and serve hot. White Plush. In a mixing-glass half-full of fine ice put one jigger Tom gin, one pony maraschino, fill up with fresh cream or milk; shake uptil very cold and frothy, then strai:Q.,

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