1906 Modern American Drinks by George J Kappeler



WATER ICES, SHERBETS, ·AND FROZEN PUNCHES. ' Certain distinctions have been made in water ices. The varieties made with fruit juice, water, and sugar only are called water ices. Those with the addition of the whites of eggs are called sher– bets. Sherbets which are of a smooth, fine texture, but only half frozen, are sometimes called sorbets. Water ices only h alf frozen, without stirring, and having a rough, icy teJd;ure, are called gran– ites. Frozen punches are made by ap.ding liquor to the ices either before or .after freezing. Lemon Ice. To one pound and a quarter of fine sugar add three pints of water, the juice of ten lemons. Boil lH

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