1908 The World's Drinks and How to Miw Them by Hon Wm Boothby (1st edition)



447 CASKINESS. Caskiness is caused by wine being put into a dirty cask or into one that has been unused for a long time. It can be removed by vigorously agitating the wine for some time with a little sweet or almond oil. The cause of the bad tast~ is the presence of an essential oil, which the fixecl oil combines with and carries to the surface, from whence it can- be skimmed off or the 'yine be drawn off b eneath it. A little coarsely powdered, freshly burnt charcoal, r ~ome slices of bread toasted black, or brufoed mustard seed, sometimes effect the removal of the objectionable taste. CEMENT FOR BOTTLES. Melt together one-quarter pound of resin and a _couple of ounces of bees– wax; when it froths, stir it with a tallow candle, and as soon as it melts dip the mouths of the corked bottles into it. CHAMPAGNE CIDER. Good cider, twenty gallons; spirit, one gallon; honey or sugar, six pounds. Mix and let tliem rest a fortnight; then fine with skimmed milk, one quart. Bottle well ·and tie corks securely, as after being bottled for some time it becomes very lively. Another ·good recipe: Goocl pale vinous cider, 1 hogshea¢1; proof spirit (pale) 3 gallons; hon ey or sugar, 14 lbs. Mix, ancl let them remain together in a temperate situation for one month; then adcl orange-flower water, 1 quart ; and fine it down with skimmed milk, one-half gallon. This will be very pale ; and a similar article, when bottled in champagne bottles, silvered ancl labelcrl , has been often sold to the ignorant for champagne. It opens very brisk, if mr!'.13ged pr operly. 448 449

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