1910 Jack's Manual by J A Grohusko

If you do not wish to serve such a variety, use the fol- lowing, viz.: Either Sherry or Sherry and Bitters, Vermouth or Cock- tails as an appetizer. Either Rhine Wine, Moselle, Sauternes, Chablis or Capri with oysters and fish. Either Sherry, Madeira or Marsala with Soup. Either Champagne Claret, Burgundy, Chianti or Whis- key High Ball throughout the meals. Either Brandy or Cordials after dinner. Either Ale or stout with oysters, fish, cold meats, steaks, (-hops or bread and cheese. it. An intelligent comprehension of the action of the various alcoholic liquors will do more to advance the cause of temperance than a vigorous adhesion to a dogma. Both Wines and Spirits have undoubtedly their legitimate place in the sustentation of healthy and diseased organisms and forms the commonest of all household remedies for a large number of ailments, therefore the few words upon their dietetic utility will not have been out of place. As a rule the vigorous frame and perfect digestion of a healthy young or middle-aged person recpiires only a very moderate allowance, but in failing health and disease the uses of Wines and Spirits are invaluable and numerous. Possibly, however, the differences in their effects are not yet understood, either by the public or even by the majority of medical men, as their action is greatly controlled by their different combinations. If taken with suitable food and in proper quantities absorption is more gradual, and being diluted, unquestion- ably aid the digestion and assimilation of food. Recogniz- ing that these are beverages of ordinary life, their selection must be carefully made, with a due regard to purity as well as to the idosyncrasies of the consumer. APPENDIX. ^here is notliing like good advice if only people will tuke


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