1925 ca Buckstone Book of Cocktails

*'The post has just ar rived, Sir," "Anytliing interesting?" "The—ahem—usual crop of rather urgently worded communicatxons from tradesmen. Sir, and a little booklet. Sir, which I took the liberty of writing for — in your name, "The dickens you didI" "Ifs called *The Patho- lopy of the Hangover,' Sir," "Tupper — if I were a medieval baron I'd have you hanged from the portcullis. Skim through It, Tupper, and read me the more vital parts." "Ifs published by the Rose's Lime Juice people.

Sir—and explains how a hangover can be antici pated and prevented with out affecting in any way the pleasure derived from a social evening — or, might I add, Sir — a regimental dinner. It gives actual results of tests on living people," "H'm. Is the lime juice consumed during — or after?" "Either, Sir,"

"H'm. Send out for some Rose's Lime Juice, Tupper — and — er — pass me the booklet will you, I'd like to study it. And — Tupper —" "SirJ" "See that my respected father gets a copy.^' L.ROSE& CO.LTD.,89 Worship Stroot,London,E.C.2.

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