1911 Beverages de luxe

MOON COCKTAIL Distinctly Our Own

As Served at

Hfokl belvédère Baltimore, Maryland

Few dashes of Grenadine Syrup. One-sixth of Italian Vermouth. One-sixth of French Vermouth. Two-thirds Apple Brandy. Stirred with spoon or shaken. Cocktail glass.


Juice of half lime. Few dashes orange juice. Few dashes pineapple syrup. Few dashes orange Curacoa. Balance rye whisky.

BELVIDERE COCKTAIL A sood morning bracer. One-third Italian Vermouth. One-third Gordon Gin.

Frozen Scotch or gin same as rye. Serve in large Champagne glass. Put slice of orange and slice of pineapple in glass, allowing same to stick ont beyond top of glass. Fill same with fine ice and pour drink over same, with cherry on top. Serve with straw.

One-third Irish Whisky. Few dashes of Absinthe.

Cocktail glass. Well frapped.


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PERFECT COCKTAIL. One-sixth Italian Vermouth. One-sixth French Vermouth. Two-thirds Gordon Gin. Well frapped with pièce of orange peel. Cocktail glass. PICK ME UP Juice of whole orange. Jigger of gin. White of an egg. Highball glass. Well frapped.


Juice of half a lime. One-fourth Grenadine Syrup.

One-fourth Gordon Gin. One-half Apple Brandy. Cocktail glass.


Juice of lime. Few dashes of Grenadine Syrup. One-sixth Italian Vermouth. One-sixth French Vermouth. Two-thirds gin. Add white of an egg. Frappe well. Dress with three mint leaves on edge of glass. Serve in claret glass. In season use raspberries instead of Grenadine. Macerate the raspberries with muddler.

Wine Steward.

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