1911 Beverages de luxe

Some Fine Old Whisk les in Existence ^^^^^ HERE are in existence to-day fifty or more O barrels of Spring 1893 "G. W. S. Jones Monongahela Pure Rye." This whisky, after being tax-paid, was shipped directly from the distillery to the Union Storage There is another lot of one hundred barrels of whisky made in Daviess County, Kentucky, of March, 1891, inspection, making it twenty years old at the présent time. The goods, when tax-paid from the distillery warehouse, was shipped directly to the Louisville Public Warehouse Co., where it has remained on storage ever since. The goods are known as "Thixton's Club Spécial." Another fine lot of old whisky, something like fifty barrels of "Melvale," Eastern Rye, was made at Baltimore, Maryland. The goods are ten years old, very fine quality, and stored at the distillery free warehouse, and have never been off the distillery premises. One of the most perfect lots of Old Rye Whisky, one hundred or more barrels, over ten years old, tax- paid, is stored in the free warehouse at the Rohr, McHenry Distilling Co., at Benton, Columbia Coun- ty, Pennsylvania. The distillery has been in exist- ence since 1812, and has made Old-fashioned Rye Whisky ail thèse years. Co., at Pittsburg. Each barrel, at the présent time, contains about twenty gallons. Proof ranges from 114 to 123.

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