1917 The Ideal Bartender by Tom Bullock


CLUB HOUSE PUNCH (for a party of 20) For mixing nse a large Punch bowl. H can Peaches, can Pineapples.

3Oranges,sliced. 3Lemons,sliced. 3quarts Sweet Catawba or Tokay. 1 pint Brandy.

IK jiggers Jamaica Rum. 1 jigger Green Chartreuse.

Set this mixture aside in ice box for 6 hours. Then place block of Ice in another bowl of sufficient capacity and strain in the mixture from the Mixing bowl. Dress the Ice with Fruit and serve with a Ladle into Punch glasses.


Fill large Bar glass%full Shaved Ice. .1 fresh Egg. 1 teaspoonful Bar Sugar. 1jigger Port Wine. 1 pony Brandy. Shake; strain into medium thin glass; grate Nutmeg on top and serve.


Fill large Bar glass K full Shaved Ice. 1 jigger New England Rum. 1 jigger Vermouth

3dashes Gum Syrup. 1 dash Orange Bitters. Kjuice ofa Lemon. Stir and serve with a Preserved Peach and its Uquor.


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