1917 The Ideal Bartender by Tom Bullock



Add to a plain Lemonade H jigger of any Cordial which the customer may prefer, and serve.


Fill large Bar glass%full Shaved Ice. 1 teaspoonful Bar Sugar. 1 pony Brandy. 1jigger Port Wine. 1 Egg. Shake well; strain into thin glass; grate Nutmeg on top and serve. Fill large Bar glass%full Ice Cream. M jigger Brandy. 1 pony Red Curacoa. Mix thoroughly with a spoon. Fill up with Plain Soda; grate Nutmeg on top and serve. Fill a Sherry glass with Shaved Ice. 1 pony Creme de Menthe. Cut Straw in two pieces^^and serve. CRIMEAN CUP A LA MARMORA (for a party of10) Into a small Punch bowl pour: 1 pint Orgeat Syrup. COUPEREE CREME DE MENTHE

2jiggers Jamaica Rum. 2jiggers Maraschino. jiggers Brandy. 2tablespoonfuls Bar Sugar.

1 quart Champagne. 1 quart Plain Soda. Stir well; pack the bowl in Fine Ice,and when cold serve in fancy Stem glasses.


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