1917 The Ideal Bartender by Tom Bullock


Fill large Bar glass nearly full Shaved Ice. 1 tablespoonful Bar Sugar. jigger Whiskey. M jigger Jamaica Rum. M jigger Brandy. 1 slice Lemon. Shake;dress with Fruit and serve with Straws.

ENGLISH BISHOP PUNCH Roast an Orange before a fire or in a hot oven. When brown cut it in quarters and drop the pieces, with a few Cloves, into a small porcelain-lined or agate vessel, and pour in 1 quart of hot Port Wine. Add 6lumps Cut Loaf Sugar and let the mixture simmer over the fire for 30 minutes. Serve in Stem glasses with Nutmeg grated on top.


Fill large Bar glass^full Shaved Ice. 2teaspoonfuls Bar Sugar. 3 sprigs Mint pressed with muddler in 1 jigger aerated Water. 1 jigger Whiskey. Stir well; strain into Sour glass; dress with Fruit and



Use a large Mixing glass with Lump Ice. White ofon Egg. Juice }/2 Lime. 2dashes imported Grenadine. 1 jigger Bacardi Rum. Shake and strain into Cocktail glass.

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