1917 The Ideal Bartender by Tom Bullock

PUNCH A LA ROMAINE (for a party of 16) 1 bottle Champagne. 1 bottle Rum.

2tablespoons Dr.Siegert's genuine Angostura Bitters. 10 Lemons. 3sweet Oranges. 2 pounds Powdered Sugar. 10 fresh Eggs. Dissolve the Sugar in the Juice of the Lemons and Oranges adding the Rind of 1 Orange. Strain through a Sieve into a bowl and add by degrees the whites of the Eggs beaten to a froth. Place the bowl on Ice till cold, then stir In the Rum and Wine until thoroughly mixed. Serve in fancy Stem glasses.

RAMOS GIN FIZZ—Country Club Style 1 lump Ice.

1 dash Lemon Juice. 1 dash Orange Water. White of Egg.

1 jigger Burnette's Old Tom Gin. 1 teaspoonful Powdered Sugar. 1 pony Milk. 1 dash Seltzer Water. Shake well;strain into Highball glass and serve.


Use a medium size Fizz glass. Peel a Lemon as you would an Apple. Place the Rind or Peeling into the Fizz glass. 2or 3lumps of Crystal Ice. 1 Wineglass of Remsen Scotch Whiskey. Fill up the balance with Club Soda; stir up slowly with a spoon and serve.


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