1923 Harry of Ciro's ABC of mixing cocktails (second impression)

(5) Vermouth Cassis. I glass Noilly Pratt Vermouth, J glass Cassis, Soda Water. (6) Vermouth Curagao. I glass French Vermouth, J glass Curagao, Soda Water. (7) Chambery Fraisette. I glass Vermouth de Chambery, J glass Fraisette, Soda Water, (8) Cinzano and Curagao. I glass Cinzano Vermouth, J glass Curagao, balance Soda Water. (9) Anis del Oso and Grenadine. I glass Anis del Oso, J glass Grenadine, balance Soda Water. (10) Champagne de Pauvre. I glass of Brandy, J glass of Syrup Citron, balance Soda Water. (11) Byrrh-Cassis. I glass Byrrh, J glass Cassis, Soda Water. (12) Picon-Cointreau. I glass Picon, i glass Cointreau, Soda Water.


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