1925 Drinks Long & Short by Nina Toye and A H Adair

16 Drinks—Long and Short white wine. Ice and shake well. Serve with a thinly pared strip oflemon peel in each glass. CAT'S EYE Half a glass of Kia Ora Lemon Squash, half a glass of water, two glasses of gin, one table- spoonful of Kirsch, half a glass of Cointreau, two glasses (scant measure) Noilly Prat Vermouth. Ice well and shake. Serve an olive in each glass. MAIDEN'S BLUSH An excellent luncheon cocktail. Two glasses of gin, two glasses and a half of grapefruit juice, half glass of grenadine, one puddingspoonful of brandy, one dash of Peach Bitters. Use plenty of ice. Can be served with a crystallised cherry in each glass. Soak a bunch of fresh green mint in a glass and a half of dry white wine for two hours. Add half a glass of Creme de Menthe,two glasses of gin and a glass and a half of the white wine. Ice and shake well. Serve with a sprig of green mint in each glass. ALMOND COCKTAIL Heat two glasses of gin(not to boiling point). Add a teaspoonful of castor sugar. While cool ing, soak in it six bitter almonds blanched and a MINT COCKTAIL (Luncheon)

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