1925 Drinks Long & Short by Nina Toye and A H Adair

^4 Drinks—Longand Short West Indies. Take a jug which will hold exactly the required amount, put in a little over one third of whisky and fill it with equal parts of French or Italian Vermouth. Pour the mix ture into a shaker half full of crushed ice, shake well and serve, Three glasses of whisky, two of French Virmouth and half a glass of orange juice. Put into the shaker with a little grated nutmeg,and serve with an olive in the glass. BLUES Four glasses of whisky, and one of Cxiracao. Mix with a teaspoonful of prune syrup. You must, for this cocktail, use more ice, and shake more thoroughly than is usual. LINSTEAD COCKTAIL Three glasses of whisky mixed with three glasses of sweetened pineapple juice. Before shaking add a dash of Wormwood Bitters, and when the cocktails are poured out squeeze a piece of fresh lemon peel over each glass. MINT COCKTAIL First put two or three sprigs of mint into the shaker. Rub them round with a spoon and then pour in three glasses of whisky. Let this stand WHISKY COCKTAIL (Very Dry)

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