1925 Drinks Long & Short by Nina Toye and A H Adair

Drinks—Long and Short


DOCKER Four glasses of brandy,one of Cointreau, and one glass of Dubonnet. Just before shaking, add a few drops of Orange Bitters. LOIRE COCKTAIL Three glasses of brandy,two of GrandMarnier and one of Maraschino. If this is too strong for your taste, you may substitute one of the glasses of brandy for one of orange juice. BAYANA Put four glasses of brandy into the shaker with two of sweetened lemon juice. Add a few drops of Orange Bitters and two dashes of Absinthe. Shake thoroughly. CHOrCHO Three glasses of brandy mixed with two glasses of French Vermouth. Add one glass of Curacao and a good dash of Aksinthe before shaking. CURACAO COCKTAIL (Sweet) Two glasses and a half of orange juice, two glasses of red Curacao, half a glass of brandy, half a glass of gin. Ice and shake. Rinse the glasses in Orange Bitters. COUP DE FOUDRE One full glass of white Centerbe(unsweetened), three glasses of red Curacao, one glass and a

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