1925 Drinks Long & Short by Nina Toye and A H Adair

3® Drinks—Long and Short quarter of gin. n Ice and shake well. Squeeze a piece of orange peel over each glass and put in glasses small pieces of candied orange peel.

LUCIFER (Very Strong)

Halfa glass of white Centerbe (unsweetened), two glasses of white Curacao^ half a glass of Cointreau, two glasses of gin. Ice and shake. Rinse the glasses in Orange Bitters. CALVADOS COCKTAIL. I Mix two glasses of Calvados with two of strained orange juice, one of Cointreau and one of Orange Bitters. Add ice and shake well. CALVADOS COCKTAIL. II Put three glasses of Calvados into the shaker with three glasses of sweetened lemon juice. Shake thoroughly. ALBERTINE Two glasses of Kirsch, two of Cointreau and two of Chartreuse. Just before shaking add a few drops of Maraschino. NICOLE Two glasses of sloe gin, two of Kummeland two of orange juice. Serve with a cherry in the glass.

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