1925 Drinks Long & Short by Nina Toye and A H Adair

Drinks—Long and Short


three glasses of sherry, add a dash of Orange Bitters and two dashes of Pimento Dram. Fill with broken ice, shake and serve as usual, but in glasses in which there is an olive. SHERRY TWIST To the strained juice of one orange add two glasses of whisky,two and a half of sherry and half a glass of Cointreau. Put this into a shaker with two cloves and a squeeze of lemon juice, twist over this a pepper grinder in which there is some aromatic pepper, and fill the shaker with broken ice. Shake and serve as usual. SHERRY TWIST. II One glass of brandy, one of Vermouth, and three of sherry. Add to this two thirds of a glass of Cointreau and one third of lime juice. Put in the shaker with a piece ofcinnamon. PHILOMEL Two and a half glasses of sherry,one of rum, and three glasses of Dubonnet,and orange juice in equal proportions. Add a twist of aromatic pepper before shaking. PLAIN SHERRY COCKTAIL Put six glasses of sherry into the shaker with a good dash of Wormwood Bitters and a few drops of Maraschino. Shake very thoroughly. •A'


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