1925 Drinks Long & Short by Nina Toye and A H Adair



RUM JULEP Dissolve three tablespoonsful of soft sugar in a little water and add a few sprigs of mint. Let this soak until the flavour ofthe mintis extracted, and then strain this juice into a tumbler. Add a brandy glass of rum,one or two cherries, a slice of tangerine and any other small fruits that are in season. Fill up the glass with finely crushed ice and serve with straws. BRANDY JULEP Fill the glasses or jug with finely cracked or shaved ice. For each person allow one port glass of Cognac. Bruise severaf sprigs of mint with half a teaspoonful of sugar for each person, and strain into the glass or jug. Add a dash of rum for each glass, dress with fruit and a few sprigs of mint which have been moistened and dipped in sugar. Serve with straws.

PINEAPPLE JULEP (For eight persons)

Use a glass bowl and fill it one quarter full of shaved ice. Add juice of four oranges, two 39

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