1925 Drinks Long & Short by Nina Toye and A H Adair

^^4 Drinks—Long and Short cutin slices,a few cloves,and for each person two drops of Eau de Fleurs dOranger. Sweeten to taste, and put in some ice and half a tumbler of cold water per head. Use a bowl. One-third of a pint of lemon juice, three quarters ofa pound ofsugar dissolved in water, halfa pint of Cognac, one quarter of a pint of peach brandy, one quarter of a pint of Jamaica rum,two pints and a half of iced water. Add a piece of ice. Mix and serve. Use a glass jug or bowl. One quart ofcham pagne, a quarter of a pound of sugar, one sliced orange, the juice of one lemon, three or four slices of pineapple, and one cupful of crushed strawberries or raspberries. Ice well. Garnish with fruit. DEVIL'S CUP PUNdH One liqueur glass each of green and yellow Chartreuse, one of Benedictine and two of brandy. Two quarts oficed champagne. Stir and serve. FISH CLUB PUNCH (For eightPersons) CHAMPAGNE PUNCH (Four People)

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