1925 Drinks Long & Short by Nina Toye and A H Adair

Drinks—Long and Short


CHAMPAGNE CUP. I Put a small teacupful of sugar in a jug with a few slices of orange,lemon and pineapple, also a few cherries. Add a port glass of brandy and let this stand on ice for an hour. Stir well, and pour in two pints of champagne (previously iced). Stir again with a swizzle stick. CHAMPAGNE CUP. II One cupful of pieces of pineapple, two sliced oranges,one sliced lemon, half a pint of Curacao, one gill ofChartreuse, one gill of Apricot brandy, half a pint of brandy, half a pint of Sauterne. Stir well, and let stand over night. When ready to use, add plenty of ice, one pint of soda water, and one quartand a half of champagne. Garnish with small fruits. CIDER CUP One hesitates to give a recipe^ for this well- known cup, but there are just a few changes in the method of preparation which make rather a difference. Put into a glass jug a few pieces of barley sugar, a slice of lemon, three slices of orange,some mint,cucumber rind,and six cloves. Pour over this a pint of still cider, and let this stand on ice for one hour before serving. Then add a pint of sparkling cider, a bottle of dry ginger ale, both of which should have been on ice previously.

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