1925 Drinks Long & Short by Nina Toye and A H Adair


ORANGEADE. I Mix the juice of six oranges with a half pint of water,sweeten with sugar and put it in a jug with a half-tumbler of whisky. You may add, if you wish, two liqueur glasses of Benedictine or Grand Marnier. Let the jug stand on ice for an hour and, before serving, splash in sufficient soda water. ORANGEADE. II Made in the same way as the preceding recipe, but substitute rum for whisky. Instead of adding a liqueur,put in two or thrpe teaspoonfuls of Essence of Orange. Put the following ingredients into a glass jug. Two or three sticks of barley sugar, some mint, cucumber rind, a slice of lemon,two or three of orange, and a few preserved cherries. Pour in a glass of brandy,and let it soak for three hours, keeping thejugcovered. Then add three glasses SI SHERRY CUP (Four People)

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