1925 Drinks Long & Short by Nina Toye and A H Adair


Drinks—Long and Short

LEMON SQUASH (Six Persons)

The squeezed juice of one orange and four lemons,sweetened to taste. Add ice, shaved or in pieces, and three pints of plain water or syphon soda. GINGER POP It is to be hoped that the recipe for such a simple and old-fashioned drink as ginger pop will be useful. It is certainly inexpensive,and would not look in the least commonplace in the sophisticated surroundings of a modern party. Take two ounces of well-bruised ginger, two ounces of cream of tartar,and two pounds ofsoft white sugar. Put these ingredients into an earthenware vessel, pour over them two gallons of boiling water; allow this to get cold, and add two tablespoonfuls of yeast, then let the whole thing stand for twenty-four hours, after which skim it, and keep it for three days in a cool place before bottling. See that your corks are sound, and tie them down carefully. The quantities given above will provide a full glass each for at least thirty people. LEMON WATER Take the whites of four eggs and beat them to a very stiff froth, put this into a jug with the juice of three lemons, add three tumblerfuls of

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