1925 Drinks Long & Short by Nina Toye and A H Adair


X. Marcel Boulestin

SIMPLE FRENCH COOKING FOPi ENGLISH HOMES Frontispiece by J. E. LABOUREUE. .4II1 im pression. 5s. net M.Boulestin proves conclusively that French cooking is not only more varied and attractive than English, but that it is positively cheaper and less wasteful. His book contains numerous traditional peasant dishes that have never been written of before. He has also much in valuable general advice to give both aboutfood and drink. He makes cooking into a fine and yet a simple art, and every one of his delicious recipes is within reach of the smallest household. A SECOND HELPING Frontispiece by J. E. LABOUREUR. Jttsl pub lished. 6s. net M. Boulestin has not this time restricted himselfto France, but has gone all over the world for his recipes. There are soups from the Netherlands,Risotto Milanese,Cornish fries, fritters and curries from Malta, sauces from Martinique and Mauritius,"hot stuff" from Jamaica,and scores more unfamiliar and unforgettable delicacies from here,there, and everywhere. This is more than a cookery book,it is an anthology of delights, and, what is more, of delights which are practicable for "people who have a good cook, for those who only have a plain one,and for those who have not got one at all."


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