1930 Noble Experiments by Judge Jr

The Kentuc.ky Mint Julep

Put one teaspoonful of sugar in a tall glass and moisten with a few drops of water. Take three or four sprigs of fresh mint and mash them into the sugar and water. Fill the glass with tightly packed shaved ice (use ice shaver or pound ice in a cloth), and fill with Bourbon Whiskey. Stir slowly with a circular motion until a white frost forms on the glass. (Care must be taken in stirring to prevent liquid from running down the outside of the glass and spoil– ing the frost.) Then press a small bunch of mint, stems down, into the glass so as to form a bouquet on top, and dust over with powdered sugar.

H owewives used to call . ttp the butcher /or choice cuts when planning a dinner-party. Now they phone the bootlegger. [ 38 ]

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