1930 Prohibition Punches A book of Beverage by Roxan B. Doran




TOI' 0' THI~ .\l OH.'\l:\U - Bn•akfa st He<'ipes ·Fros t 1•d Orange J uire

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C:111tal oupe Co"kta il Rtraw li r rn· Coc·kt:iil Frni t C'rl!1;lii11a t ion s IL W JI El\ S II A llO\\·s A In::

Sl!OHTEST - L un eheo u

He1·ipL'S, I3r id:!t', L' I<'. P unch Jrcd Ora nge Coffee SupPr ior G ra pe Juil' e FrozL' n Fruit Pun"h Ra spli l' rry S hruh BridP ':; l'nn l' h Florirla P un ch Honey Fresh Ora ng Pad e Hon ey Coco:i. Honey Hot Chol'ola te Hon ey Ired Choto lat e

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LEN'GTHE .:\' - Afte rnoon

Jkc ipcs : T ea s, Ga rd en Parties, etc.

Temperan ce P unch

l•' rni 1 P1111 "h

Rasp berry S hrub

Pr:i pp6

i\foridian Man sion s P unch .

Fiji Frappe Royal Purple Frui t Swizzle

Crana ps

Congress ional Club Punl'h Grape Juice Punch Lemon a nd Orangead e

3'7 38 38 39 39

Frui t Punch

Delta's Delightful Drink

Pansy Cocktail Pruit Pun c- h

40 IV. SUNSET HOUR- Firesid e T ea- timP Thoughts, Sum- mer Suppers 41 Concord Float 45 Cream Ora nge 45 Pineapple Cream 45 Rhuba rb I ced T Pa 46 Iced Mexi ca n Chocolate 46 Oriental Punch 47 Fruit Punch with Whipped Cream 47

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