1930 Prohibition Punches A book of Beverage by Roxan B. Doran


''The year's at the Spring, The da y's at the morn, .:\Iorning's at seven The hillside's dew p earl 'd

" -Browning.

Can't yo u see that hill side sparkling ·with dewy freshness f I think I catch the faint fragrance of S\\'eet n ew grass. Do esn't its cool, clean greenness quicken your sen ses and sharpen your appetite for something cool and fr esh ? A glass of orange juice dewy with frost, or a fruit cup with a. gTeat luscious strawberry bobbing jauntily on top 'I 'rl1e day should always be begun, if that were po ssible, with a vision of green hills or new– blown ros es-to fill the thoughts with freshness a11d whisk away the cobwebs-like the clean sweep of a broom. But unfortunately, for those of us whose busy day llavvus within the confines of a crowded city, such a beginning is impossible. Dewy greenswan1s are rare! Yet, something of that green freshness-of the '' hillsides dew pearl 'cl.'' may be caught for us in the frosted depths of a cool fruit cup with its dew– sp rinkled strawberry; in the clink of ice within a glass of fresh fruit juice, or perhaps in the 15

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